Обложка книги Quintessential Guide to Using Consultants

Quintessential Guide to Using Consultants

ISBN: 0874257948;
Издательство: HRD Press, Inc

Book DescriptionBringing in the right consultant and getting what you want from the relationship is important?yet there has been a lack of specific guidance in this area until now. The Quintessential Guide to Using Consultants presents practicaland clear guidelines for maximizing the results of the consulting relationship through each step of the process. You?ll get answers to such questions as: What does a consultant do? Should you use former colleagues with inside knowledge of your business?or outside experts? How can you avoid failed projects and fingerpointing, finding fault and assigning blame? What is?and isn?t?a consultant responsible for? Thorough, straightforward and packed with real-world wisdom Inside you?ll find priceless information on: Why use a consultant How to select a consultant Ways to contract with a consultant How to manage a consultant during the life of a project How to work...