Обложка книги The Intentional Leader

The Intentional Leader

ISBN: 0815630867;
Издательство: Syracuse University Press

Book DescriptionA former chancellor of Syracuse University provides techniques and practical guidance on the art of effective leadership. Kenneth A. Shaw's book is a unique combination of theoreticalmethodlogy and practical advice on the art and skill of leadership. He offers a concise definition of leadership as a process of persuasion and goes on to show how specific methods are applied to reach that goal. The book covers a wide range of topics, among them, self-awareness, conflict resolution, motivating others, decision making, communicating effectively, and group dynamics. Shaw's work encompasses broader views of leadership including issues of diversity and ethics, international leadership, and women in leadership roles. Throughout, he draws on his extraordinary personal experience to present concrete examples of leadership successes. This book is the essential tool for those who want to study, practice, and perform at the highest levels of leadership - whether it is with...

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