Обложка книги Classical and Contemporary Cryptology

Classical and Contemporary Cryptology

ISBN: 0131828312;
Издательство: Pearson Education

This unique book combines classical and contemporary methods of cryptology with a historical perspective. The interaction between the material in the book and the supplementary software package, CAP (Cryptographic Analysis Program), allows readers to gain insights into cryptology and give them real hands-on experience working with ciphers. Provides a history of codes and ciphers and a thorough discussion of classical ciphers including monoalphabetic, polyalphabetic, polygraphic, and transposition ciphers as well as contemporary ciphers such as stream, block, and public key ciphers. The book also covers message authentication including key management, digital signatures, hash functions, and certificates and quantum cryptography. Any person who wants togain a fundamental understanding of cryptology.

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