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Elizabeth Danziger

Get to the Point! Painless Advice for Writing Memos, Letters and E-mails Your Colleagues and Clients Will Understand

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ISBN: 0609807609
Издательство: Three Rivers Press (CA)
Take Your Writamins! Whether you’re an executive whose writing is too stiff, a highly trained professional who can’t string together two coherent sentences, a technical expert who wants to communicate in plain English, or an assistant who needs to brush up on writing basics so you can clean up your boss’s work, you need help. Here, finally, is the fun, informative book you’ve been looking for. Corporate writing coach Elizabeth Danziger presents the entire writing process, from procrastination through proofreading, briefly explaining each key point in a witty, easy-to-read manner. This accessible guide to effective workplace language includes: * Tips on clear and concise writing * Secrets of editing and revising * Simple explanations of the most useful elements of grammar and punctuation * Frequently misused words and how to remember their correct meanings With practical information and plenty of good humor, Get to the...