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William Sanborn Pfeiffer, Charles H. Keller

Proposal Writing: The Art of Friendly and Winning Persuasion

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ISBN: 0136582133
Издательство: Pearson Education
Pfeiffer, William S., Keller, Charles H., Proposal Writing: The Art of Friendly and Winning Persuasion/ This book provides readers with an overview of proposal writing today?along with the issues that influence the resources and methods used to develop them. A focus on the real-world of business presents further insight and guidance in acquiring the basic skills, and some advanced, in creating any type of proposal. Chapter topics include marketing strategy, writing, graphics, sales letters and the executive summary, formal and informal documents, reviews, and editing. For the skilled professionals already in this field, affecting the bottom-line profit of their companies, seeking additional training or a valuable reference for producing persuasive and winning proposals.