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The Best Business Stories of the Year: 2003 Edition (Best Business Stories of the Year)

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ISBN: 1400031451
Издательство: Vintage
A year’s worth of the most interesting, noteworthy, and best-written articles on all aspects of the business world. “Amid Global Turmoil, Wild Times in Trading Afghanis” by Daniel Pearl, from The Wall Street Journal “Bidding War” by James B. Stewart, from The New Yorker “This Little Slinky Goes to Market” by Neil Irwin, from The Washington Post “Yes, We Have No Profits” by Nicholas Stein, from Fortune “Corporate Veil” by John R. Emschwiller and Rebecca Smith, from The Wall Street Journal “Portland Subsidiary Mirrors Enron’s Rapid Rise, Fall” by Jeff Manning and Gail Kinsey Hill, from The Oregonian “How Andersen Went Wrong” by David Ward and Loren Steffy, from Bloomberg Markets “My Pro Forma Life” by Rob Walker, from Slate “The Iceberg Wars”...