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Kitta Reeds

The Zen of Proposal Writing: An Expert's Stress-Free Path to Winning Proposals

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ISBN: 0609806491
Издательство: Three Rivers Press (CA)
Sell Your Ideas While Achieving Peace of Mind Sick of the frenzied whirlwind your life becomes when a deadline looms? Stressed about relying on that last-ditch overnight service to squeeze your proposal in under the wire? Does even thinking about writing a proposal or making a presentation freeze you in a crippling panic? Help is here. Whether you are requesting a raise, laying out a radically new marketing concept, pitching a book, or seeking a grant, The Zen of Proposal Writing provides solid advice, tangible examples, and the keys to remaining calm and in control. Drawing on the techniques and wit of Zen, Kitta Reeds shares her secrets as a seasoned professional—illustrating the stages of proposal writing with classic Zen parables coupled with on-point advice and practical instruction, including: * One Hand Clapping: The Sound We Make When We Forget to Connect with Our Readers * Zazen Meditation: How to Write that Proposal in Spite of...