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Susan Benjamin

Words at Work: Business Writing in Half the Time With Twice the Power

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ISBN: 0201154846
Издательство: Perseus Books Group
Good writing has long been undervalued in the workplace. After all, business letters, memos, proposals, and the like are about communication, not literature. And, true, the readership probably couldn't care less about sentence structure or tone. Still, something inspires the recipient of such material to either read it or toss it, and that something is very often the quality of the writing. Words at Work is a practical guide by the founder of a company that offers writing services for businesses: Susan Benjamin. She believes that the average letter has to be "captivating within the first five words." She hauls away tired phrases ("I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone last week" and "Our company is committed to meeting your needs"), cliches, and jargon, encouraging businesspeople to be specific, fresh, anecdotal, and grammatical in their writing. Benjamin's analogies may make you cringe ("Go for ordinary, clean words, which your reader can glide ...