Обложка книги The Ghost-seer

The Ghost-seer

ISBN: 1843910349;
Издательство: Hesperus Press
Страниц: 112

Book DescriptionSchiller’s only novel, The Ghost–seer is an experimental, deliberately fragmentary work. Thrillingly held together by its dramatic plot and lavish, operatic setting, it is a multi–layered fiction of deceptive simplicity. Foreword by Martin Jarvis. For a rich young prince and his loyal companion, Venice promises nothing but unfettered pleasure—until they encounter a mysterious masked Armenian who delivers them a strange prophecy. And when his words prove true, this enigmatic figure develops a deeply sinister influence over them, drawing them into darker forms of “magic.” As the narrative progresses, it become increasingly unclear whether the apparitions the prince sees are the manifestations of a troubled spirit world or simply an elaborate hoax. Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805) is one of the leading figures of 18th–century German literature, most famous for his dramatic works The Robbers, Mary...

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