Обложка книги The Green Dwarf

The Green Dwarf

ISBN: 1843910489;
Издательство: Hesperus Press
Страниц: 112

Book DescriptionWitty and engrossing, this early work displays the precocious intelligence, lively imagination, and flair for storytelling that Charlotte Bronte brought to perfection in her later fiction. Foreword by Libby Purves. Lady Emily Charlesworth is in love with Leslie, a struggling artist. Lord Percy, a fierce, arrogant aristocrat, will do anything to lay his hands on Leslie’s chosen bride. As war breaks out between Verdopolis—Bronte’s imaginary political state—and Senegal, the lovers do battle for control of Emily’s heart. With its exotic mélange of political intrigue, amorous subterfuge, and Gothic scenery, The Green Dwarf reveals the dynamic and experimental nature of Bronte’s “long apprenticeship in writing.” Charlotte Bronte (1816–1855) is best remembered for her perennially popular novel Jane Eyre.

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