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Francis Bacon

The New Atlantis and The City of the Sun : Two Classic Utopias

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ISBN: 0486430820
Издательство: Dover Publications
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 96
Book Description Two authors from The Age of Reason and Enlightenment, in keeping with the spirit of their times, envisioned their own philosophical and intellectual utopias. Tomasso Campanella, a Calabrian monk, published The City of the Sun in 1623, and Francis Bacon's The New Atlantis appeared in 1627. Campanella was a student of logic and physics who formulated the first scientifically based socialistic system--one that furnished a model for subsequent ideal communities. Bacon focused on politics and philosophy, emphasizing the duty of the state toward science. Despite the authors' differences in setting and treatment, each of these seventeenth-century classics mirrors the period's prevailing thought, reflecting the idealism of an age and its revolutionary trends in philosophy. Download DescriptionWe sailed from Peru, (where we had continued for the space of one whole year) for China and Japan, by...
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