Обложка книги A Guide to Data Compression Methods

A Guide to Data Compression Methods


ISBN: 0387952608;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag

Many faces of modern computing - from archiving data to coding theory to image processing - rely heavily on data compression. This new and practical guide explains the process of compressing all types of computer data, as well as the use of significant methods and algorithms. Its purpose is to succinctly describe both the principles underlying the field of data compression and how to use the key methods effectively. A Guide to Data Compression Methods concentrates on general concepts and methods and describes them with a minimal amount of mathematical detail. It presents the main approaches to data compression, describes the most important algorithms, and includes straightforward examples. Statistical, dictionary, and wavelet methodologies are addressed in specific chapters, as well as image, video, and audio compression. The reader can expect to gain a basic understanding of the key algorithms and methods used to compress data for storage and transmission. Topics and...

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