Обложка книги ADO.NET: From Novice to Pro, Visual Basic .NET Edition

ADO.NET: From Novice to Pro, Visual Basic .NET Edition

ISBN: 1590590600;
Издательство: APRS

Designed to get programmers up to professional levels as fast as possible, ADO.NET: From Novice to Pro is geared toward developers who have little or no .NET or ADO.NET experience, as well as programmers who are not yet comfortable with database programming. Best-selling author Peter Wright painlessly moves readers from simple database access to the sophisticated manipulation of XML documents. The book begins by showing you the basic architecture of ADO.NET, and then provides you with the tools you'll need to work with data providers and the new Connection, Command, and DataSet objects. Wright then drills down into the topics that are essential for you as a professional developer to understand, including transactions, concurrency, typed DataSets, and the use of XML with ADO.NET. Through numerous hands-on examples and working code that is adaptable to individual projects, you'll learn how to create fast and powerful ADO.NET enterprise applications. By the end of this...