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Kieran McCorry

Connecting Microsoft Exchange Server

Обложка книги Connecting Microsoft Exchange Server

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ISBN: 1555582044, 9781555582043
Издательство: Digital Press
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 416
Connecting Microsoft Exchange Server covers how to connect Microsoft Exchange server into mixed messaging environments. Exchange has powerful integration capabilities and the ability to integrate with many different messaging systems. It is not always obvious how to even begin an integration project, and it is usually a fairly complex task. This book explores how connections can be made, offers tricks and tips, and warns of potential pitfalls. The content extends from the simple task of connecting an Exchange server to another Exchange server to the complex issues associated with X.400 and SMTP backbones. Direct connections to other third party products such as MS Mail, cc:Mail, Linkage and PROFS are also covered. E-mail is one of the must-have Internet applications. The Internet is driving interest in connecting people together and to information sources. Together, these influences dictate an increased interest in messaging integration, yet skills and expertise in the...