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Milan Petkovic, Willem Jonker

Content-Based Video Retrieval: A Database Perspective (Multimedia Systems and Applications Series, 25)

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ISBN: 1402076177
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Recent advances in computing, communication, and data storage have led to an increasing number of large digital libraries publicly available on the Internet. In addition to alphanumeric data, other modalities, including video play an important role in these libraries. Ordinary techniques will not retrieve required information from the enormous mass of data stored in digital video libraries. Instead of words, a video retrieval system deals with collections of video records. Therefore, the system is confronted with the problem of video understanding. The system gathers key information from a video in order to allow users to query semantics instead of raw video data or video features. Users expect tools that automatically understand and manipulate the videocontent in the same structured way as a traditional database manages numeric and textual data. Consequently, content-based search and retrieval of video data becomes a challenging and important problem. This book focuses particularly...
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