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Tony Moynihan

Coping with IS/IT Risk Management: The Recipes of Experienced Project Managers (Practitioner Series)

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ISBN: 1852335556
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
This is a book in which successful, experienced IT solutions providers talk about their actual practical experiences in IT risk management. Tony Moynihan has asked successful IS/IT project managers to compare and contrast their recent projects in terms of the various important and different factors they had to deal with in each project. Coping with IS/IT Risk Management discusses how to: * handle unrealistic client expectations * decide on the 'ownership' of a project * set targets that work in practice.The result is a very well-written, interesting book, which will be enormously helpful to any professional needing to cope with the many and varied problems which can be encountered in IS/IT risk management. About the Author: Tony Moynihan is a Professor at the School of Computer Applications at Dublin City University, researching in the field of software engineering and software project risk-analysis.