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Donald K. Burleson

Creating a Self-Tuning Oracle Database: Automating Oracle9i Dynamic SGA Performance

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Серия: Oracle In-Focus
ISBN: 0-9727513-2-7
Издательство: Rampant TechPress
Страниц: 154
The dynamic memory features of Oracle9i make it possible to create a self-tuning database. This book explores proven techniques for monitoring the behavior of the Oracle System Global Area (SGA) and provides ways to anticipate upcoming problems and adjust the SGA before a performance problem occurs. Written for senior Oracle database administrators, this guide focuses on proactive tuning and scripting and shows how to collect historical data and use it to develop signatures for all memory areas. Provided are the commands to modify the Oracle9i SGA areas, sample scripts for automating SGA tuning, and access to an online code deport full of interesting Oracle scripts.