Обложка книги Data Mining Using SAS Applications

Data Mining Using SAS Applications

ISBN: 1584883456;
Издательство: Chapman & Hall/CRC

Most books on data mining focus on principles and furnish few instructions on how to carry out a data mining project. Data Mining Using SAS Applications not only introduces the key concepts but also enables readers to understand and successfully apply data mining methods using powerful yet user-friendly SAS macro-call files. These methods stress the use of visualization to thoroughly study the structure of data and check the validity of statistical models fitted to data."Learn how to convert PC databasesto SAS data"Discover sampling techniques to create training and validation samples"Understand frequency data analysis for categorical data"Explore supervised and unsupervised learning"Master exploratory graphical techniques"Acquire model validation techniques in regression and classificationThe text furnishes 13 easy-to-use SAS data mining macros designed to work with the standard SAS modules. No additional modules or previous experience in SAS programming is required. The author shows...