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Bruno R. Preiss

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java (Worldwide Series in Computer Science)

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ISBN: 0471346136, 9780471346135
Издательство: Wiley Text Books
Create sound software designs with data structures that use modern object-oriented design patterns! Author Bruno Preiss presents the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms from a modern, object-oriented perspective. The text promotes object-oriented design using Java and illustrates the use of the latest object-oriented design patterns. Virtually all the data structures are discussed in the context of a single class hierarchy. This framework clearly shows the relationships between data structuresand illustrates how polymorphism and inheritance can be used effectively. Key Features of the Text * All data structures are presented using a common framework. This shows the relationship between the data structures and how they are implemented. * Object-oriented design patterns are used to demonstrate how a good design fits together and transcends the problem at hand. * A single Java software design is used throughout the text to provide a better understanding of...