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William Collins

Data Structures and the Java Collections Framework

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ISBN: 0072369647
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Data Structures and the Java Collections Framework by William Collins is designed for a course in data structures where the implementation language is Java. This student-friendly book focuses on teaching students how to apply the concepts presented and so includes many applications and examples throughout the book. Additionally, he provides programming projects, which get students thinking deeper. Collins teaches students how to use the data structures provided in the Java Collections Framework, aswell as teaching them how to build the code themselves. His goal is give students an excellent background in creating data structures themselves, as well as make them comfortable using the standard library. Using the Java Collections Framework gives students the opportunity to work with excellent fully tested code. Further, since this is a standard library of classes, students will be able to continue to use it for other courses and as they move into industry. Another feature of...