Обложка книги Database Design for Smarties: Using UML for Data Modeling

Database Design for Smarties: Using UML for Data Modeling

ISBN: 1558605150; 9781558605152;
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Страниц: 464

Whether building a relational, object-relational, or object-oriented database, database developers are increasingly relying on an object-oriented design approach as the best way to meet user needs and performance criteria. This book teaches you how touse the Unified Modeling Language-the official standard of the Object Management Group-to develop and implement the best possible design for your database. Inside, the author leads you step by step through the design process, from requirements analysis to schema generation. You'll learn to express stakeholder needs in UML use cases and actor diagrams, to translate UML entities into database components, and to transform the resulting design into relational, object-relational, and object-orientedschemas for all major DBMS products. * Teaches you everything you need to know to design, build, and test databases using an OO model. * Shows you how to use UML, the accepted standard for database design according to OO...

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