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Greg Riccardi

Database Management: With Website Development Applications

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ISBN: 0201743876
Издательство: Pearson Addison Wesley
*JX094-4, 0-201-74387-6, Riccardi, Greg; Database Management with Website Development Applications Covers the basic background needed to understand databases, but applies the material to a real-world context--a business going online--to make the material relevant to readers. The case studies about a business moving to the web helps readers learn about SQL, database design, the Entity-Relationship model. The book uses Access and Oracle to give readers experience with the most popular SQL tools today. The second-half of the book teaches readers how to design a website to interact with users; how to construct web pages with HTML and XML; organize information and applications for use in e-commerce sites; and develop software to support user interactions. MARKET IS/IT database managers who want to learn about using the web with their databases