Обложка книги DB2 for Z/OS and Os/390 Development for Performance (Volume 1)

DB2 for Z/OS and Os/390 Development for Performance (Volume 1)

ISBN: 0966846052;
Издательство: Gabrielle & Associates

DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 Development for Performance in its fourth edition is the first book to include the features and facilities of V7 integrated into the book. This edition even has V7, V6, or V5 APAR number noted with the first of occurrence of a feature specific to the version or APAR in the index. Three DB2 professionals indexed the now hard cover book in two volumes. Having the most current information available and integrated into the book is a major advantage. The book is organized to followthe life cycle of an application system, beginning with the creation of objects and the design of indexes to lay the foundation for high performing systems. Programmer/analyst must develop high performing SQL to process data efficiently and have the knowledge base to tune SQL when required to meet response time requirements with minimal I/O and CPU time usage to minimize costs. The book concludes with the use of the utilities including enhancements in V6 and V7 for efficient...