Обложка книги Debugging Visual FoxPro Applications

Debugging Visual FoxPro Applications

ISBN: 1930919204;
Издательство: Hentzenwerke Publishing

Writing code is only half the battle in developing applications. Getting the bugs out is the other half and can be the frustrating part since, after all, bugs don't just mysteriously appear in your code. You have to put them there. But masterful debugging is more than a skill you can learn, it's a frame of mind, yes, almost a way of life. In "Debugging Visual FoxPro Applications", Nancy Folsom takes you into the head of a successful debugger, gives you a new perspective on the mind set, and then explores the myriad of tools that Visual FoxPro programmers have at their disposal. Debugging will always be challenging, but with Debugging Visual FoxPro Applications, it will also be a more fruitful and rewarding quest.