Обложка книги Domino Development with Java

Domino Development with Java

ISBN: 1930110049;
Издательство: Manning Publications

Continuing its tremendous growth, Lotus Notes has reached a global installed base of 56 million users. Domino servers are at the heart of the use of this Lotus groupware product. Covering the most recent Domino-version 5.0-this book is a tutorial and resource for current and new Domino developers. It explains how to use the popular Java language to develop Domino applications instead of Lotus's proprietary LotusScript. It covers servlets, applets, JDBC, and stand-alone applications. IBM's WebSphere and VisualAge for Java integration are explained, and the book concludes with an online shopping store built using Domino and Java. Source code downloads and technical support from the authors are available on publisher's Web site.