Обложка книги Introduction to Constraint Databases

Introduction to Constraint Databases

ISBN: 0387987290;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag

Constraint databases provide extra expressive power over relational databases in a largely hidden way at the data-storage or physical level. Constraints, such as linear or polynomial equations, are used to represent large sets in a compact manner. They keep the view of the database for a user or application programmer almost as simple as in relational databases. "Introduction to Constraint Databases" comprehensively covers both constraint-database theory and several sample systems. The book revealshow constraint databases bring together techniques from a variety of fields, such as logic and model theory, algebraic and computational geometry, and symbolic computation, to the design and analysis of data models and query languages. Constraint databases are shown to be powerful and simple tools for data modeling and querying in application areas-such as environmental modeling, bioinformatics, and computer vision--that are not suitable for relational databases. Specific applications...