Обложка книги Jewels of Stringology

Jewels of Stringology


ISBN: 9810247826;
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company

The term "stringology" is a popular nickname for text algorithms, or algorithms on strings. This book deals with the most basic algorithms in the area. Most of them can be viewed as "algorithmic jewels" and deserve reader-friendly presentation. One of the main aims of the book is to present several of the most celebrated algorithms in a simple way by omitting obscuring details and separating algorithmic structure from combinatorial theoretical background. The book reflects the relationships between applications of text-algorithmic techniques and the classification of algorithms according to the measures of complexity considered. The text can be viewed as a parade of algorithms in which the main purpose is to discuss the foundations of the algorithms and their interconnections. One can partition algorithmic problems the discussed into practical and theoretical problems. Certainly, string matching and data compression are in the former class, while most problems related to symmetries...

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