Обложка книги Knowledge Discovery and Measures of Interest

Knowledge Discovery and Measures of Interest


ISBN: 0792375076;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

Knowledge Discovery and Measures of Interest is a reference book for knowledge discovery researchers, practitioners, and students. The knowledge discovery researcher will find that the material provides a theoretical foundation for measures of interest in data mining applications where diversity measures are used to rank summaries generated from databases. The knowledge discovery practitioner will find solid empirical evidence on which to base decisions regarding the choice of measures in data mining applications. The knowledge discovery student in a senior undergraduate or graduate course in databases and data mining will find the book is a good introduction to the concepts and techniques of measures of interest. In Knowledge Discovery and Measures of Interest, we study two closely related steps in any knowledge discovery system: the generation of discovered knowledge; and the interpretation and evaluation of discovered knowledge. In the generation step, we study data summarization,...