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W. Eric Wong, Mutation 200

Mutation Testing for the New Century (Kluwer International Series on Advances in Database Systems)

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ISBN: 0792373235
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Extensive research and development has produce mutation tools for languages such as Fortran, Ada, C, and IDL; empirical evaluations comparing mutation with other test adequacy criteria; empirical evidence and theoretical justification for the coupling effect; and techniques for speeding up mutation testing using various types of high performance architectures. Mutation has received the attention of software developers and testers in such diverse areas as network protocols and nuclear simulation. MutationTesting for the New Century brings together cutting edge research results in mutation testing from a wide range of researchers. This book provides answers to key questions related to mutation and raises questions yet to be answered. It is an excellent resource for researchers, practitioners, and students of software engineering.