Обложка книги New Masters of Flash

New Masters of Flash

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ISBN: 1590592093;
Издательство: APress

New Masters of Flash is both global showcase and practical tutorial. Twenty of the planet's most awe-inspiring Flash designers share their influences, ideas and objectives in individual introductory essays. They then take the reader through a step-by-step tutorial explaining in detail how to create in Flash 5 the interfaces, applications and effects that they have made famous. On the accompanying CD, watch interviews with the designers, follow animated versions of the tutorials and download the FLAs for Flash 5 (F4 FLAs are also available from the support website). The author-designers are some of the most legendary Flash innovators currently working - from the US to Japan, Europe to South Africa: Yugo Nakamura, Joshua Davies, Manuel Clement, Irene Chan and Tomato's Joel Baumann together with fifteen other leading Flash practitioners. These are the designers who are expanding the horizons of interactive interface design with Flash. Join them. About the Authors Nineteen legendary...

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