Обложка книги Object-Oriented C++ Data Structures for Real Programmers

Object-Oriented C++ Data Structures for Real Programmers

ISBN: 0123264294;
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann

Data structures play a key role in any serious development project, determining how the program acquires, stores, updates, and processes its in-memory data. Many of the basic techniques for constructing and governing access to data structures are well-documented, but most are structured programming techniques that do not translate well in an object-oriented environment. Object-Oriented C++ Data Structures for Real Programmers corrects this imbalance, teaching experienced C++ and Java developers the most effective methods for designing and implementing highly functional data structures in any type of object-oriented programming effort. The first part of the book introduces the various approaches, focusing on the purposes for which each is most suited. From there, the author examines advanced functionality that can be achieved in a number of ways, helping readers choose and apply the optimal technique. Key Features * Advanced coverage from an accomplished...

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