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Murali Vallath

Oracle Real Application Clusters

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ISBN: 1555582885, 9781555582883
Издательство: Digital Press
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 781
Clustered configuration first hit the scene nearly 20 years ago when Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) introduced the VaxCluster. Until now, the topic of Real Application Clusters (RAC) implementation had never been fully explored. For the first time, Murali Vallath dissects RAC mysteries in his book Oracle Real Application Clusters to enlighten and educate readers on the internals of RAC operations, cache fusion, fusion recovery processes and the fast reconfiguration of RAC. This book provides comprehensive coverage of the features, technology and principles of RAC that is part of the Oracle9i release of Oracle's RDBMS product. It is divided into three main parts: application/database design, development and maintenance life cycles. Compared toits predecessor OPS, the architecture behind RAC implementation have changed significantly. Vallath discusses Oracle9i features in a RAC implementation with respect to usage and design considerations, as well as those parameters that...