Обложка книги Oracle Scripts

Oracle Scripts


ISBN: 156592438X; 9781565924383;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

Because most Oracle sites have similar requirements, problems, and crises, Oracle database administrators and developers find themselves constantly reinventing the wheel by writing the same kinds of scripts -- often under pressure in hit-or-miss fashion. This book provides a powerful set of tried-and-true tools for DBAs and developers. The scripts have been thoroughly tested in many different environments. You can use them right now to simplify the tasks you perform each day -- monitoring databases for reliability, protecting your database against data loss, improving performance, increasing security, and building reports that provide insight into the inner workings of Oracle databases. You can also turn to these scripts in emergencies to diagnose system problems and repair databases when the pressure is on. The accompanying CD-ROM provides a comprehensive resource for DBAs and developers. It contains complete source code for all of the scripts described in this book,...