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PC Disaster and Recovery

ISBN: 078214182X; 9780782141825;
Издательство: Sybex Inc
Страниц: 512

Odds are that at some point your PC will freeze-up, your hard disk will die or lightening will zap the power out just as you're polishing up the last chapter of your novel ... will you know what to do? Learn how to prevent disasters, get your system backto normal operation and recover lost data with PC Disaster and Recovery. With her easy-to-follow, casual style, author Kate Chase shows you how to limit your risk of damage and disruption, how to restart a problem PC, what to do when upgrades go wrong, how to troubleshoot system freezes and crashes, how to recover lost data, and how to resurrect a dead hard drive. You'll also learn how to detect and diagnose symptoms before a disaster occurs, and how to overcome hardware failures. PC Disaster and Recovery also includes disaster and recovery techniques for users running a small network. So go ahead! Install new software and hardware like there's no tomorrow--but be sure to keep your copy of PC Disaster and Recovery by your side.