Обложка книги Rdb: A Comprehensive Guide

Rdb: A Comprehensive Guide

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ISBN: 1555581862;
Издательство: Digital Press

The definitive book on Oracle's Rdb database. Written by a team of bestselling database experts, including a principal product architect, this is unquestionably the definitive book on Oracle's Rdb8, the latest version of the powerful database for advanced enterprise applications. Rdb: A Comprehensive Guide, Third Edition teaches administrators, programmers, database designers and IT managers the critical components and functions of the new version 8 and explains how to develop powerful Rdb8 programs. The book specifically addresses new Rdb8 management, tuning and scalability tools and describes the new Rdb/NT Workbench for Windows NT. No other source gives readers the authoritative and timely information provided by Rdb: A Comprehensive Guide, Third Edition. Only book on Rdb8 Written by Rdb8 experts from Oracle, including the principal product architect Explains how to use Rdb8 on both Windows NT and OpenVMS