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Ifip Tc11 Wg11.3 Working Conference on Database Security 1999 seattle, John Hale

Research Advances in Database and Information Systems Security: Ifip Tc11 Wg11.3 Thirteenth Working Conference on Database Security, July 25-28, 1999, Seattle, Washington, USA (International Federation for Information Processing, 43rd)

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ISBN: 0792378482
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Computer technology evolves at a rate that challenges companies to maintain appropriate security for their enterprises. With the rapid growth in Internet and www facilities, database and information systems security remains a key topic in businesses and in the public sector, with implications for the whole of society. Research Advances in Database and Information Systems Security covers issues related to security and privacy of information in a wide range of applications, including: + Critical Infrastructure Protection; + Electronic Commerce; + Information Assurance; + Intrusion Detection; + Workflow; + Policy Modeling; + Multilevel Security; + Role-Based Access Control; + Data Mining; + Data Warehouses; + Temporal Authorization Models; + Object-Oriented Databases. This book contains papers and panel discussions from the Thirteenth Annual Working Conference on Database Security, organized by the International Federation for Information...