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Thomas Curran, Gerhard Keller, Andrew Ladd

SAP R/3 Business Blueprint : Understanding the Business Process Reference Model

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ISBN: 0135211476
Издательство: Pearson Education POD
For those interested in redefining the way in which their business does its business, SAP R/3 Business Blueprint: Understanding the Business Process Reference Model is worth a perusal. Authors Curran and Keller define their central idea-- business engineering --as a method by which information technology is used to design and reengineer business processes, such as sales and distribution, instead of simply automating them. And as is clear from the title, this concept is explored almost exclusively within the context of SAP R/3. The book is broken down into four sections: "Business Engineering," "Process Engineering," "Architecture," and "Framework & Tools." These segments follow a sliding scale that goes from MBA esoterica to practical application to behind-the-scenes implementation. The first section is dedicated to such things as mapping out global goals and identifying the organization processes that need to be reengineered. Next, the authors get more fundamental,...