Обложка книги Scaling Oracle8i: Building Highly Scalable OLTP System Architectures

Scaling Oracle8i: Building Highly Scalable OLTP System Architectures

ISBN: 0201325748;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional

As open systems continue to replace traditional mainframe systems, system scalability is becoming an increasingly important topic. Although far more flexible than mainframe systems, open systems applications tend to be less reliable and more difficult toscale. There is no cookbook approach to solving this challenge: A thorough understanding of the technologies involved is essential for designing scalable solutions that meet long-term business needs. Scaling Oracle8i(tm) offers valuable insights and techniques for designing reliable and scalable online transaction processing (OLTP) applications using Oracle. This book focuses on providing the in-depth information about Oracle and the underlying hardware required to build systems that scale effectively. You will find coverage of relevant hardware and I/O operation; benchmark and database monitoring systems; Oracle internals, operation, and implementation; and UNIX operating system issues that impact Oracle performance and...