Обложка книги Software Development on a Leash (Expert's Voice)

Software Development on a Leash (Expert's Voice)

ISBN: 1893115917;
Издательство: APRS

Software Development on a Leash is designed as a roadmap for experienced developers and architects who are interested in implementing a turbocharged software development process that encourages reuse and innovation. Author David Birmingham's products have been successfully deployed in a variety of venues, including highly complex desktop environments, with rapid turnaround and high-intensity delivery deadlines. This book contrasts the application-centric development approach to the architecture-centric development approach, introducing the concept of the metamorphic superpattern &emdash;the capability of a software program to dynamically adapt to changing application requirements without rebuilding the binary executable. Birmingham invites the reader to deploy reusable structural and behavioral building blocks, along with some powerful frameworks to gain immediate traction in any setting. He includes a high-speed multidimensional toolkit to organize...