Обложка книги SQL : Practical Guide for Developers

SQL : Practical Guide for Developers

ISBN: 0122205316;
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann

The value of SQL is indisputable, as it is the primary language of most modern database management systems. Many professionals now are also adding SQL to their technical repertoire because of the important role it plays in today's business environment. This practical guide is a short and focused introduction to the main features of using SQL to technically competent readers. The book is useful as both a tutorial and a reference, and will include chapter questions and exercises to ground students and professionals in various topics. It does not focus on a particular vendor's SQL implementation and uses syntax that complies with the 1999 standard. Specific DBMS peculiarities will be included on a companion web site, as well as the code for the book. *Written by the lead author of a very succesful book (TCP/IP Sockets in C) in this series of programming books, also used widely as a companion in introductory-level courses. *Approach is vendor-neutral and focus is on teaching...