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Galina Landres, Vlad Landres

SQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications Second Edition: PeopleSoft v.8

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ISBN: 1932394001
Издательство: Manning Publications
Programmers, database developers, administrators responsible for PeopleSoft support, functional users, and project managers are discovering SQR, or Structured Query Report Writer, which has become increasingly popular since PeopleSoft selected it as its main SQL processing and reporting tool. This new language liberates programmers from the constraints of SQL and allows them to concentrate on the application aspects of their programs. This new edition covers all SQR language elements and features, showing developers the best ways of utilizing the languages capabilities and demonstrating good programming habits. Written in a "let's do it together" tutorial style, this book starts with the basics and leads users toward a full understanding of the subject. Part one describes the SQR language with all of its features, while part two covers all aspects of interaction between SQR programs and PeopleSoft. This makes the book a working manual for both SQR programmers and PeopleSoft developers.