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Alistair Cockburn

Surviving Object-Oriented Projects (Agile Software Development Series)

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ISBN: 0201498340
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
Surviving Object-Oriented Projects is an extraordinary compendium of useful strategies for organizing object-oriented projects. Independent of language or programming environment, it explains how to build good OO software despite all the conflicting forces at work. For all those OO projects that have set sail with no more than high concepts and a shiny new language, this book is the compass that will see them safely through."- Jeremy Raw, Independent Consultant Today , many organizations claim competitive market advantages resulting from the application of object-oriented technology and approaches in their software development efforts. As the use of object technology has become increasingly widespread and mainstream, a growing number of project managers are faced with a daunting task: keeping the object technology project on track and within budget. These project managers are burdened by the weight of knowing that the survival and ultimate success of the...