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Jeff Garbus, Gary Tyrrell

Sybase Ase 12.5 High Availability (Jeffrey Garbus' Official Sybase Ase 12.5 Library)

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ISBN: 1556229097
Издательство: Wordware Publishing
High Availability is a very esoteric area of Sybase administration, yet a very critical topic for administrators working in a transaction-intensive environment, such as e-commerce, to understand. Sybase® ASE 12.5 High Availability explains how to use Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise software to set up a shared-disk architecture that enhances the continuous availability of service with no downtime. Among the topics discussed are the various architecture options for High Availability; failover and failback; asymmetric and symmetric failover; and proxy databases. A step-by-step setup process is provided, from configuring servers for failover and running installation scripts to establishing connectivity and resolving failed transitions. The authors outline how to use OpenSwitch to transparently transfer client connections to any Sybase server product in the event of an Adaptive Server failure, and describe the special stored procedures used with OpenSwitch. Additionally,...