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Talib Damij

Tabular Application Development for Information Systems

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ISBN: 0387950958
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
This book describes the workings and utility of Tabular Application Development (TAD) as an object-oriented methodology that uses tables to model the real world. Essentially, TAD entails collecting information about a real-world situation into tables, identifying and implementing changes by analyzing the tabularized content, and then using the data gathered in the changed tables to develop the organization's information system. Given that tables can be easily surveyed and modified, analysts can locate almost immediately any information about business processes, work processes, activities, tasks, or events. In addition, the user can confidently proceed without misunderstandings and can quickly rectify any mistake or problem. Topics and features: * TAD's advantages over UML methodology in terms of simplicity, utility for either small or large information systems, and independence from the analyst * presents the subject of business process reengineering and information systems...