Обложка книги The .NET Languages: A Quick Translation Guide

The .NET Languages: A Quick Translation Guide

ISBN: 1893115488;
Издательство: APRS

The .NET Languages: A Quick Translation Guide answers two questions posed by the introduction of the .NET Framework: "How do I quickly upgrade my skills to this new language?" and "How do I understand the code that another developer has written?" Author Brian Bischof offers a complete translation guide for converting programs among the three primary Microsoft languages: Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .NET, and C#. Bischof makes it easy for the thousands of Visual Basic 6.0 programmerstoday to take the knowledge they already have and use it to write for the .NET platform. Each chapter is laid out in a clear and concise format. Most chapters begin with a syntax conversion chart displaying how each language translates into the other languages. Included are detailed points explaining these conversions. Each chapter ends with a fully comprehensive example, written in each language, that demonstrates that particular chapter's concepts. This provides you with all...

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