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Joan Daemen, Vincent Rijmen

The Design of Rijndael: AES - The Advanced Encryption Standard (Information Security and Cryptography)

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ISBN: 3540425802
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
In October 2000, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology selected the block cipher Rijndael as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES is expected to gradually replace the present Data Encryption Standard (DES) as the most widely applied data encryption technology.|This book by the designers of the block cipher presents Rijndael from scratch. The underlying mathematics and the wide trail strategy as the basic design idea are explained in detail and the basics of differential and linear cryptanalysis are reworked. Subsequent chapters review all known attacks against the Rijndael structure and deal with implementation and optimization issues. Finally, other ciphers related to Rijndael are presented.|This volume is THE authoritative guide to the Rijndael algorithm and AES. Professionals, researchers, and students active or interested in data encryption will find it a valuable source of information and reference.