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Andy Mitchell

The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis Volume 1: Geographic Patterns & Relationships

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ISBN: 1879102064
Издательство: ESRI Press
Spatial analysis is where the GIS rubber hits the road, where all the hard work of digitizing, building a database, checking for errors, and dealing with the details of projections and coordinate systems finally pays off in results and better decisions. But spatial analysis has often seemed inaccessible to many users--too mathematical to understand, too difficult to implement, and lacking in good textbooks and guides. Here at last is the ideal book, written by Andy Mitchell and based on ESRI's vast experience with applications of spatial analysis to a host of real problems. The book covers every area of GIS application, so readers will find examples that relate directly to their own concerns, whether they be in hydrology, transportation, or regional planning. The organization is intuitive, with sections on all of the major forms of simple spatial analysis. This book will appeal to GIS users in all areas of GIS application. It will be invaluable reading for people encountering GIS...
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