Обложка книги The Firebird Book: A Reference for Database Developers

The Firebird Book: A Reference for Database Developers

ISBN: 5-94157-609-9; 1-59059-279-4;
Издательство: APRS

Although less publicized than other open source database management systems, Firebird continues to gain a dedicated following of professional users. Figures have already reached hundreds of thousands worldwide, in Firebird's short three-year history in open source. And until now, no other book has been available. This is the first, official book on Firebird&emdash;the free, independent, open source relational database server that emerged in 2000. Based on the actual Firebird Project, this book will provide you all you need to know about Firebird database development, like installation, multi-platform configuration, SQL language, interfaces, and maintenance. This comprehensive guide will help you build stable and scalable relational database back-ends for all sizes of client/server networks. The text is well-stocked with tips, code examples, and explanations to reinforce the material covered. This book concentrates on Firebird edition 1.5&emdash;complete with updated...