Обложка книги Theory and Practice of Relational Databases

Theory and Practice of Relational Databases

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ISBN: 0415247012;
Издательство: T&F STM

The first edition provided a comprehensive introductory text to the process of developinmg database applications. This new and ubstantially revised edition follows the same tutorial-style format. It is rich with examples, questions, and worked problems. It starts with data modelling and progresses through the fundamental concepts of relational databases, normalization, and relational algebra. A comprehensive description of the database language SQL is included. Supported by numerous illustrations, this section leads the reader through the algebraic operations and optimizations that lead to proficiency in SQL programming. The book culminates in a detailed case study that brings together the examples and principles as a whole. An associated websitecontains an open-source and freely available database management system and provides additional informationand links to further reading.