Обложка книги Time & Bits: Managing Digital Continuity

Time & Bits: Managing Digital Continuity


ISBN: 0892365838;
Издательство: J. Paul Getty Trust Publications

What are the long-term implications of relying on current digital technology to preserve our cultural memory? This is the question that framed a symposium at the Getty Center where leaders from industry, entertainment, and digital information technologyfocused on the critical issues of the fragility of digital media and our growing dependence on these new media. This volume, which includes the proceedings from discussions as well as chapters on our reliance on digital media, promotes the debate and resolution of these problems. Contributors include Stewart Brand, author of the Whole Earth Catalog; musician and artist Brian Eno; Kevin Kelly, senior editor at Wired Magazine; Danny Hillis, vice president of Disney; and other involved in digital technology, conservation, and reference.